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Re: Praemienverbilligung?

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Yes, it is addressed to me personally and it says that they calculated from my quellensteuerbeitrage that I should get a 523 chf discount. The letter just asks me to control the information, sign, and send it back...

I have been having the same salary since I moved back to Switzerland 2.5 years ago.

Maybe I should just sign it and send it back and get the discount? What would you do?
The taxes they used to calculate your benefit are from previous years, no? They probably based the benefit on a lower amount than you estimated. Why not check the info on the papers, see if they are correct, and if so, call SVA and ask them to clarify what exactly they based the benefit on (despite the paper stating it is your Quellensteuer, have SVA explain things to you in more detail)?
When you're clear about the basis of your benefit, you can then sign and send if the info on the paper is correct.

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Hi all,

SVA Zurich sent me a letter saying that the Gemeinde informed them that I should get a discount on the health insurance premium. Thing is, looking at the tables, I earn quite a bit more than the 43k chf limit for requesting such discount...

Anyone had a similar experience?

It looks like they took your definitive tax data which they had on April 1, and think you will be living here on Jan 1 of next year. In which case the maximum amount for a single person to be eligible is a taxable income of 42'900.- and assets worth 150'000.-, and Quellensteuer of max. 3'757.- (see last line of the document).

Perhaps one of your values (income or assets or Quellensteuer) is lower than or equal to the amounts stated on the PDF and thus you might be entitled to benefits.

So, gather your tax documents and call them up. Good luck

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