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Re: Praemienverbilligung? [health insurance subsidy/discount]


I hope you aren't implying that OP should be dishonest about their savings. The SVA base their calculations on your tax papers, and being dishonest with those is probably fraud (getting money based on an incorrectly presented situation).
Definitely would strongly recommend against doing anything like this.

It would also be highly unfair to those who really need the subsidy.
If this person is on a B-permit, there might not be any tax papers where it would be stated how much was declared in savings. Even if there are tax papers, the savings could have been spent in the meantime since the tax papers always are from a previous year.

I understand where you are coming from though and you are quite right to point this out, indicating that this (not declaring savings) could potentially be fraud, but it is up to each individual to decide what to declare and what not to. Savings can be moved around and this wouldn't be verified for a Krankenkasseprämienverbilligungsgesuch.

The threshold pertinent could be much higher than the savings that a person actually has and therefore be completely irrelevant, in this case it wouldn't matter whether Fr. 100.-- or Fr. 1'000.-- was declared as a figure for example.
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