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Pension - What percentage of my BVG (Pillar 2) payments go into my "pension pot"

There is some great information on this forum regarding Swiss pensions, but I have what I think is a simple question, that I just can't find the answer to.

What percentage of my BVG contributions (total - ie employer and employee) goes into to my "pension pot"?

Currently I do not see myself retiring here in Switzerland, so my long term plan is to take my "pension pot" to a non EU country... and errr... well, spend it.

As I understand it, the number that matters is displayed on my pension certificate as "Withdrawal benefit pursuant to Art. 15 FZG (Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans)". But I cant reconcile this number to amount I have contributed.

Does anyone have any information on this? Do different pension providers channel a higher percentage into the pot?
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