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Re: Pension - What percentage of my BVG (Pillar 2) payments go into my "pension pot"

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There is some great information on this forum regarding Swiss pensions, but I have what I think is a simple question, that I just can't find the answer to.

What percentage of my BVG contributions (total - ie employer and employee) goes into to my "pension pot"?

Currently I do not see myself retiring here in Switzerland, so my long term plan is to take my "pension pot" to a non EU country... and errr... well, spend it.

As I understand it, the number that matters is displayed on my pension certificate as "Withdrawal benefit pursuant to Art. 15 FZG (Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans)". But I cant reconcile this number to amount I have contributed.

Does anyone have any information on this? Do different pension providers channel a higher percentage into the pot?
If you're moving to an EU country, to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Bulgaria or Romania, you cannot have your pension paid to you in cash if you're insured for old age, death and disability in your new country of residence. If you're moving to a different country, you can.

The amount you will be paid is
the amount you and your employers have paid over the past years (incl. interest),
plus other vested pension benefits which you received e.g. through divorce or voluntary payments (incl. interest),
minus money you have had paid out to you or a past spouse already due to divorce, for property payment or for an early retirement.

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