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Thanks for replies.

Perhaps I didn't explain my question well enough, but I still don't have the answer to my question.

Perhaps this is just my pension, but even in my pension certificate I have the numbers that show not 100% of my contributions go into my savings (what I think of as my pension pot). This is what I have in my yearly certificate (sorry for my use of algebra):

Financing Total premium
---------- -----------------
Annual Premium x CHFs
Of which, savings premium y CHFs

The y value is about 86% of the x value. Or put another way 14% of my contributions are not going to my savings. I presume they are taken by my pension company for services or insurances.

Is this normal? Or has my company set up a questionable pension scheme?

Thanks me.anon thats what I was trying to get at. So the 14% I am paying looks to be VERY high!

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