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Ok i am bored, and ****ed off because of a couple things so here goes my rant.

First what is up with the weather i bought a family card for the open air swimming pool, and we have not used it once because the water is too cold then when it starts to heat up (i drive to the pool everyday to check the tempreture) it rains again so the tempreture goes back down.

Second the post lady shouted at me a few minutes ago because she had to carry a box of wine up the stairs (we live on the ground floor, but you still have to walk up a few stairs) my son buzzed the door because he thought it was my daughter coming home from KG, and i was otherwise engaged. Is she allowed to shout at me i think she is new because i have never seen her before.
Maybe the postlady is in a bad mood because she also bought a pass for the swimming pools she can't use...

Our postie always makes us come down to him to pick up whatever parcel he is delivering. Sometimes he can't even be figged to ring the bell and just puts the "collect it from the post office" chit in our post box.

Cheer up - the weather will improve a bit tomorrow and should be better on Sunday. Go along to the pool regardless but take a big blanket and a flask of something hot and chocolatey (or cold and Scottish ) to warm you up again after your swim.
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