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New Private car rental system -

In the Migros magazine this week, information about a new private car rental system, linked to Migros, Mobility and La Mobilière insurance.

If you have a car which you do not use all the time and would like to rent out, be it a Fiat 500 or a Merc, whatever size, etc, you can register with and advetise it for rent. You choose how much you want for it and deal and that's it. La Mobilière extends the same cover as the one you have with them for free- and all you need to do is to have a 'Sharoo box' installed in your car by a registered garage, which enables a Bluetooth connection with the rentor's smarphone so no exchange of keys is necessary.

Very interesting- the AirnB of car rental. Traditonal car rentors are not going to be happy! Must check the site re what happens if the car is stolen, or if rentor damages car at high speed or when under the influence or high alcohol, etc? And also re foreign driving licences and addresses. Anyone got the answer to above?
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