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Re: Pharma jobs in Switzerland language requirements

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Hi All,

This is a really big dilemma for me right now because our marriage is kind of on the line if we don't make the right decision that suits us both.
It is really hard here as the foreign Frau. I had every advantage (swiss hubby, very generous relocation package, good income, ready made friends from his group) and I still freaked out. I mean, REALLY freaked out when I got here. We have never had so much drama in 20 years.

I also was a happy working mum with it all going on back home. I don't think the roads are paved with gold here, I had to learn to accept the things I cannot change. it is hard not being able to do the simplest of things without your husband and I resented him big time for a long while as he had the keys (ie language).

I got a job easily due to a lifetime of study but compared to what I used to earn....... But I do enjoy the Birkenstock brigade and get a lot of satisfaction contributing to this country. I always knew though I simply could not work in my field here......I also doubt it would have happened so fast if I didn't have all the permits already done by his company.

I thought it would be an adventure but the shine wears off pretty fast I can tell you.. I have the utmost respect for people who have to move countries and felt like a fool because we didn't have to.

if things are shaky now be ready for the earthquake here unless you drop down your expectations and accept you could end up being a highly qualified housewife. You may have to treat it as a holiday from working so you don't freak out and don't feel like a failure if you don't get a great job at the level your working at now.

This first year has been the hardest of our married life. my 8 year old used to talk to himself in the mirror because he was so lonely for the first 4 months. Things are great for them now but it has been crushing for me to see what I have done to them. Mind you we live in the sticks and are the only English speakers in the entire school. This however has made them fluent in record time and I am the one left behind now. Bless them though, they now do all the talking for mum!! Ever seen a 7 year old organize and negotiate with tradesmen ? it's hilarious.

Throwing money at lots of situations has worked for me, if pennies were tight I would have killed him.

Good luck. I truly hope it works out for the best. You do feel a real sense of accomplishment though when the shock wears off after the first 6 months.
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