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Re: Pharma jobs in Switzerland language requirements


115K for a chef is indeed a high salary! That's not the issue here, at all.

BUT your concern about a trailing wife even more. The renown (almost only english-speaking?) depressed expat wife already became a literal proverb among the entire Switzerland!

From time to time they even make it to the major nation-wide news broadcast shows during the best broadcasting time on Swiss television.

Some other very widespread and recent examples:


- ... this one is especially ironic, since fully misconceived from both sides, from the queasy tabloid BLICK (the Swiss version of USA Today) as well as from the referred trailing wife!

I just wonder why there aren't any depressed trailing house men??? Especially given that northern America (and even more so USA) claims to have such high penetration of women in highly prestigious jobs. Why do not these supposedly liberated ("emanzipiert") women accept a job abroad in first hand and take their husbands with them, I often ask myself when I read just another story about just another depressed expat wife?! You hardly ever read about male examples. In fact I never have. Some profound contradiction in my mind.

Besides, the problems and challenges (not necessarily positively connotated) of a move to a different culture (with a different language) is generally, overly, and totally underestimated; and even more than they anticipate them by almost all newbies!!! Consider this thoroughly!

So yes, you are totally right to take your reservation very seriously.
Either you are honest or polite, but you can not be both at the same time, since they are exclusive attitudes.

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