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Re: Travelling on Easyjet with child in carseat

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Does anyone have any experience of taking a car-seat on to a plane?

My wife will be getting a flight to the UK later this month with two babies under the age of two. (One adult, two babies). The eldest who is 23 months will sit on her lap; the other (who is only two months old) will go in a carseat on an adjacent seat.

After I had paid and confirmed the booking, the lady on the phone mentioned that the seat "must be upright facing, and must be no wider than 42cm to ensure it fits between the armrests".

Ours is 45cm at its widest point, but this is below the level of the armrest, so it should still fit properly. As it is for a baby less than three months old, it does not go upright - none of them do for children of that age.

I would seek clarification from Easyjet, but I usually end up speaking to a Indian based call centre where the staff seem not to know/care.

Any experiences? Thanks.
Been there. Done that with wifey and the two kids. Just a month ago with EasyJet in Basel.

Went out to the tarmac with the maxi cosey. My wife expected to take it on board. The airport crew said we could try to carry it onboard and see if it worked. Then I thought, we were the first ones out here, now the line up the stairs is crazy long. Am I going to go up there with the maxi cosy, deal with the line and narrow aisle, just to put the car seat in the chair to realize the seat belt won't fit! Forget that! Plus, I've never seen a maxy cosy on a flight. So, we handed over the chair, which was already tagged at baggage drop-off just in case, and we didn't use the extra seat we bought for our infant.

It was mentioned already in this post. Put your two year old in the next seat and strap your baby to your wife. It will be fine. Annoying, but fine. Such is airline travel these days.

Good luck to your wife travelling alone! I think the real trouble (at least for us) is keeping the 2 year old under restraint in the airport, esp in all the security lines. My wife won't fly unless I accompany her. So, congrats.
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