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Re: Videoed whilst leaving out stuff for my friend to collect!!

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Regarding empty PE, PET, other plastic and glass bottles, - my gripe here is that people just chuck them on the floor, leave them on seats, benches, walls, or fill up the tiny litter bins on trains with them for example. Some who have no per-bag tax, stuff them into their normal rubbish sacks.
I don't see what your caring what others put in their rubbish bags is going to achieve or change. How is that any of your concern unless you either fund their disposal or take out their rubbish and run the risk of injuring yourself while doing so (e.g. cutting yourself with glass shards)?

As for littering, this is a problem not of (in some places) less available disposal places, it is a matter of lazy-ass entitlement. If one can't walk twenty steps to the next garbage can to toss their gum in a wrapper, but rather spits it onto the floor or glues it under a train seat, one won't take the time to look for or use places to properly dispose of other stuff - bottles, aluminium or whatever - even if they are right in front of them.

There will always be people who do this as there is no real incentive for them personally to take them back to a recycling point.
If there was a Fr.1.-- deposit on every bottle, more than 99% of them would come back to the point of sale and Switzerland's growing litter problem would be halved.
Not necessarily - I for one do not buy sodas at all when in Germany precisely because of that deposit. Water is (almost) free and you can get it at any fountain or faucet in CH - why should I bother buying a bottle of stuff, pay too much for it and lug it back to the store to get my money back? Rather buy those drinks in CH and chuck the bottles in the disposal the next time I pop into a store.
Even if a per-bottle deposit were implemented in CH, you would have people - like it's happening in Germany - who go around collecting empty bottles to return in an effort to get money for them because the buyer of said bottle didn't bother to bring them back to the store. Would you rather have empty bottles lying around or people rummaging around looking for empty bottles to return?

IMO it is tragic if people feel they have to resort to collecting bottles to get money, and there are other ways for people in need to get their necessities taken care of in CH. I'd rather not have this deposit implemented, but perhaps implementing a rule that every store, no matter how small or how far out in the sticks, has to have at least a bottle and aluminium disposal station, might be a place to start in the location where there currently aren't enough disposal stations.

As for glassware, unless one uses vast amounts of them, I don't see how one can't just collect them in a box and take them out to a collection place once a month or so. If you don't have such a place, ask your commune to get one started because glass shards can be incredibly dangerous both for the people who dispose of them in their rubbish bags and the guys who pick up the rubbish.

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One of the prosecutions I managed to bring about was for an illegal tipper who dumped medical waste from the local private clinic, including needles and surgical blades and patients' notes!
Jeebus. That's bloody dangerous and a data protection issue at that! Would make my blood boil. (Whoever did that needs to) Take care of disposal properly and make SURE that patient info isn't recoverable

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