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Re: Iran nuclear talks: 'Historic' agreement struck

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They did the day before, and the day before that, and likely tomorrow. its part of their liturgy in the central mosque. There is interesting article on NYT about the men whose responsibility is to whip up the anti-Western fervor at every service. You couldn't miss this with one eye closed. Maybe you could miss it with both eyes closed.

You're referring to the theocracy in Iran? LOL. Wow, Ahmandinejad was taking measures in preparation for the Mahdi in accordance to some literal interpretation of some prophecies.

As if all arms sales are from these two. Just about every developed country produces and exports arms. Lovely idea to stop arms production, but its impossible. I'd love to close my eyes and my mind too and dream there are no bad guys.

Israel has had for some time, and have managed to keep their people safe. Evidence by the fact they haven't used it. I'm not sure if arming each and every other rogue state is a great idea. It kind of sounds like a perversion of fairness. But should they start lobbing it at each other, lets remember how we enjoyed a world before nuclear war became widespread.

I get the sense you folks are more interested in destabilizing Israel than world peace.
Actually no, at least not me. I have no problems with Israel or the Jewish people at all. They have every right to exist and live peacefully just like the rest of us. The problem for ME is I hold Israel to a higher standard cause I consider them to be more civil, educated and more modern. But there is a pesky ultra right wing that causes problems. Just like the right wing USA who chants Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran on a daily basis as well. So can you blame the Iranians?
What really pisses me off is that most of the civilians in all these countries want nothing more than to live in peace, get along, have a nice job with a nice salary etc. It's only a small handful of powerful people at the very top that screws everything up. There will always be bad guys. Like to yen there will always be yang. But to have a policy that tries to pump millions of arms, dollars and training with the goal of creating chaos only to sell more arms to create more should just end already. We live on a damn primate planet. We know who does it, we know who profits, why do they not face the end of their own medicine? I may be a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
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