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Question for the ladies - fibroids

Hi gals (and guys, if your gal has gone through this) - I hesitate to post this because it's so personal but the EF collective wisdom has come in handy many times, so...

I've been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid (just one) but it keeps growing and has changed shape. It's not causing me any major problems presently, and was discovered with an ultrasound. Because we want to have kids, and I'm not getting any younger, the doctor is recommending I have a surgical procedure to remove the fibroid sooner rather than later.

If I have the fibroid removed, the doc says I could start trying to get pregnant again in 1-2 months. If I don't have it removed, and I get pregnant, apparently it increases the risk for miscarriage substantially. I get the impression the fibroid will continue to grow if left untreated, and eventually have to come out anyway.

I've never had surgery in CH so I don't know what to expect. The worst-case scenario is they mess up and have to give me a hysterectomy. Based on the doctor's description of the procedure, they would use a power morcellator. The U.S. FDA has issued a warning about these, saying if the fibroid is cancerous, it could spread the cancer, but we don't think this is cancerous. The procedure would be under general anesthetic and I'd have to stay one night in hospital even if there were no complications.

Has anyone gone through this decision process? What did you decide? If you chose the operation, was it like in terms of pain, side effects, etc.? Were you able to later get pregnant? Anyone who left a fibroid alone, got pregnant, and then had problems?

I don't take surgical decisions lightly, so thanks for any thoughts and advice. I'm pretty stressed out.

PS - Thanks again to olygirl for this thread, which helped me feel more comfortable with the process of gyn visits.
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