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Re: GOOD practical SKN course (Zürich)

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(she is 7,5 months old now)?
Welcome to the teenage yob phase...

Just as with humans, puberty can be an unsettling time for dogs as well. Often a well-grounded pup with a good training start suddenly develops 'Flausen im Kopf' when the teenage phase hits. Skills that the pup had mastered suddenly are forgotten by a giddy teenager.

(Hooligan - who wasn't well grounded to start with, went through a 'Kevin' phase that made for... interesting times. Interesting as in the Chinese curse, that is.)

Hormones do play a role in behavior, and the drop in hormone levels following spaying/neutering can have consequences.

BUT BUT BUT I am always wary of viewing neutering as a magic bullet to correct behavior or as the cause of bad behavior - there is so much more going on. One needs to look at the dog as a whole, understand what is hormone driven and what is not, what is nature and what is nurture, and work from there. This is where a good trainer, someone who can observe what is going on, who can offer supportive advice, can be a godsend.

A dog coming into estrus will often exhibit behaviors that are new - for better or for worse. Do you know when your pup's mother first came into heat, or whether any of her siblings have? If you are in contact with her breeder you might want to ask.

It's helpful to know how early/late her relatives first came into estrus as, while not necessarily predictive it at least gives you an idea as you are thinking about scheduling the surgery. If you plan to do it after the first estrus, do remember that most vets prefer to do the surgery at the mid-point of the cycle, that is about 3 months after the first estrus.

But be of good cheer - the teenage phase does not last forever.

In the mean time: Brain training. I found brain-training games the most effective way to deal with Hooligan's 'Kevin' behavior. Intelligent, independent breeds - like corgies - benefit so much from mental stimulation, perhaps more so than from physical.

All the best.
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