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Re: Changing canton, Non-EU B-permit. Confused!

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Hello, I had a fairly confusing day today and I am hoping to get some EnglishForum expertise on the matter.

So, I am planning on moving from canton of Zurich to Aargau in March/April 2015. Being a good EnglishForum member, I tried to read up everything I could find using the search function on here. Based on this, I was under the impression that there can be restrictions on a B-permit regarding changing canton (and/or jobs, but I am not planning on changing jobs). Since I want to get everything in order well in advance, I called the migration department in Bern to find out if my B-permit allows me to change canton. The guy on the phone simply told me that I need to call the migration department in Zurich canton. So, I called the number he gave me and the lady on the phone informed me in a "I can't believe you don't know this already" tone that I need to call the canton of Aargau to get the permission to move there.

Okay, so my first question is:
Q1) I asked both the gentleman in Bern and the lady in Zurich if my B-permit has any restrictions on it. I also explicitly inquired about restrictions related to movement across Switzerland and/or changing of jobs. Unfortunately, neither of them gave me an answer to that query. The lady simply said that I need to get permission from the canton I am planning to move. Does this mean that there are no restrictions? Just an additional data point: My company *did* have to prove to the authorities that they cannot find someone else in Switzerland/EU for my job last year.

Anyways, then I called the authorities in Aargau. They were actually quite nice and told me that I need to write them a letter asking for permission to move to Aargau with some documents related to my financial and employment status.

So, my second set of questions,
Q2) Does anyone have any experience writing such a letter and mind giving me some tips about what all that goes into it?

Q3) How exactly does this permission thing work? Do I have to leave Zurich within x amount of days after I get permission to move to Aargau? Can I look for apartments without getting the said permission? How long is the permission valid for? I am just really confused on this permission aspect and there does not seem to be a lot of posts related to this.

This is a very good post!
I would like to know if possible to have a permit issued from the new canton while still leaving in the old canton?
Eg, working in the new canton but living in the old canton with the procedure to be done and obtained a permit from the new canton.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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