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Incorrectly denied supplementary health insurance - but complex background


Not a new member but I wanted to anonymise a problem I have given the highly personal nature. I have Mod approval for this temporary duplicate account.

I am a bit surprised to have just been denied supplementary health insurance because I am deemed "high risk", even though I am in my late 20s and the truthful answer to all the questions on the questionnaire was that I lead a healthy lifestyle and have not required treatment for anything significant in the past several years. The insurance company has given the reason that my BMI is too low, which on paper, it is. Except this is my natural, healthy weight. Anyone who has met me knows that I am built like a bird, and I'm sporty and strong enough to go on 9 hour alpine pass hikes and (before I recently moved) do a good 6 hours of intensive exercise a week. If this were the full story, it would be easy and I would, as advised by the company, simply write a letter back explaining my current health is tip top. Which it is!

Except that's not quite the full story.

In my late teens I suffered from a severe eating disorder which involved hospital treatment. I have had confirmed recently that I have absolutely no lasting health effects from it. However, I have had a couple of scary relapses since (though neither led to health issues, just was close to the weight I know they could reemerge), and even though I have been completely well for a few years now, I would not be comfortable stating that it (needing treatment) could never happen again.

I am concerned that the possibility of an eating disorder is what the insurance company are alluding to. Even though, as I mentioned, the truthful answer is that my current BMI is completely natural and the questionnaire in the specified time horizon does not require me to disclose my past. However, I'm worried that if I ever present with a relapse again, or something that can be traced as being a consequence, I'll still be deemed to have lied by omission and have all my cover invalidated - against even anything unrelated. So I am wondering if I should volunteer the information.

Potential benefits:
- I was fully discharged from care at my current BMI. So lends proof to my claim that I am extremely healthy now
- I could argue for excluding the eating disorder as pre existing, but I should get supplementary cover for anything else - at least it's clear cut
- conscience

Potential issues:
- they don't buy my claim to be healthy today given my history and class me definitively high risk and I get nothing
- my current weight is unrelated to the history, even if it may be perceived as such

Does any of that even make sense? I am a bit worked up and a bit stuck. I'm not sure I'm thinking logically as this brings back memories I had archived. Advice would be appreciated.

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