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Re: Hovawart in canton Zurich

Because my fingers are too tired to type today , I'll give you the link to another post asking the same question, albeit with a Dogo Argentino:

Dogo argentino allowed in Swiss?

As for the federal SKN Theory course - as with the thread linked, you should contact the ZH cantonal Veterinäramt for a ruling on whether you are required to do the theory course or not, the decision is made individually. But it's just a 2 session class, there is no test, attendance is all that is required. As I say to every newly arrive dog owner: even if excused I really do recommend taking the SKN Theory course as it is a good source of information that you might not find so easily elsewhere.

You have the same issue as that other poster does with a large dog in canton Zürich. Due his size (over 45cm or 15 kg) your Hovawart is a List 1 dog in canton ZH. This means that you are required to take additional canton-specific education courses. In your case, your dog was born well after the cut off date, so you will need to do the Zürich List 1 courses. The federal SKN Practical will be rolled into your ZH cantonal List 1 courses.

As you already seem to have a very good start on training these courses should be easy-peasy for the two of you. Hopefully they will be fun as well, and give you a good introduction to Dogdom, Zürich style.

Obviously your dog is too old for Welpenforderung, but you will need to take the Junghund (dogs from 16 weeks to 18 months ) and Erwachsene courses.

More details can be found here, from the ZH cantonal veterinary office website:

The list of ZH List 1 trainers can also be found on that website.

The Veterinäramt is the ultimate authority, so if you have any questions you should ask them directly. Always best to go to the source.


Yes you need liability insurance, coverage of minimum 1mio.

And yes, you will need to register your dog, both with the ANIS database and with your Gemeinde. You have 10 days to do the ANIS registration, this needs to be done by a vet. This is federal law, so you can read about it, and other dog related issued regulated at the federal level from the Mein Heimtier website (a 'layperson's' version of the BLV site) here:

Go to your Gemeinde and tell them that you need to register your dog, they will take it from there. Be aware that there is a dog tax.

As for the other bits and bobs of ZH cantonal dog law - do you read German? If not I'll translate this for you - but assuming you do read German here is a summary of the Zürich regulations, from the Tier Im Recht foundation.

All the best to you and your dog as you settle in. Lovely doglet, by the way.


Oh - and stay out of Glarus. On principle.

(The folks of that benighted idyllic canton decided to put Hovawarts on their restricted list. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?)

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