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Re: Incorrectly denied supplementary health insurance - but complex background

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Well.. not a health problem.. an accident. They have no problem differentiating between health and accident when it benefits them

I thought they might offer insurance excluding that injury, but no. Funny as he managed to get Tagesgeld insurance (self-employed) which excludes the knee/recon complications.... but if he snaps the reconstruction in a new accident... that is covered
As I said above, no matter what his state of health and existence of risks, insurers based on VVG have the right to refuse him. Taggeld also is regulated by VVG just like supplemental health insurance, he just got lucky with the Taggeld insurers taking him on despite the knee/recon.

Taggeld and supplemental health insurance are two different insurances, despite being based on the same law (VVG). The same rules apply for both, Taggeld probably just was more lenient.
As for his knee being snapped again, if that happens it'll be UVG (accident insurance) which covers for it, not Taggeld, basic or supplemental health insurance. UVG do not exclude clients due to risks they might pose.. Complicated, I know

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