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Re: Hovawart in canton Zurich

There should be ZH List 1 trainers willing to do the classes in English, or at least who would be willing to translate for you if the other class members were all German speaking. If you are an experienced dog owner - and thus likely already know much of the material - and have even a little German you likely will be fine.

I'm not in ZH so am not familiar with trainers there. (The one person I know and can recommend, Martina Mettler of Compecane, unfortunately only does her classes in German) but as a starting point:

On another thread a poster in ZH was looking for the federal SKN Practical course in English - her dog is not a List 1 breed so she doesn't have to do the ZH courses - and two trainers recommended were Pascal Groner (recommended by EF member Countrybumpkin) and the folks at Fair Train (discussed by Heksita - I don't know if she has decided to go with them, or not).

Looking at the ZH List 1 trainer lists, both those trainers are also certified to do the List 1 courses as well... so perhaps a possibility for you. You might get in touch with Country Bumpkin or Heksita for their thoughts - but be aware that they have done the simpler SKN courses, not the List 1 series.

Here's that thread, you can read the discussion of those two trainers here:
GOOD practical SKN course (Zürich)

(I recommended my trainer in that thread, but she is not an option for List 1 as she is in SZ, not ZH.)

Hopefully owners of other List 1 dogs will be along with recommendations for their trainers - but until then, here is are the ZH certified List 1 trainers, aphabetically:

And by location:

Simply start contacting those convenient to you, ask if English is a possibility.

Do make sure that whoever you choose follows a philosophy that is in line with yours, uses techniques that you agree with. I always recommend observing a lesson or two before signing up with a trainer as a way to ensure that the fit is right for you and your dog.


Don't worry too much about the 10 days for ANIS registration, simply get that done as soon as you can.


FYI, as the Junghund class only goes up to 18 months, if you miss it you will simply need to take additional hours in the Erwachsene course.


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