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Re: Incorrectly denied supplementary health insurance - but complex background

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Thank you so much for all the replies. There was another one that seemed to have gone missing?

Anyway I perfectly get that insurers are under no obligation to provide supplementary but what I find odd is that they won't just exclude a preexisting condition.

Just like they don't have to provide insurance at all, they can provide only part of the insurance or only from a certain point onwards, excluding preexisting conditions but paying for complications due to preexisting conditions, if they so choose.

And together with denying my health supplementary they denied my accident supplementary

Why? Supplementary means they aren't obligated to take you in so they can deny you, which they seem to have done.

so even though my risk of contracting certain illnesses, or heaven forbid, be a victim of a crime against the person, may have nothing to do with my previous condition, I can't get extra cover?

You can't if they say the won't accept you, as they don't have to. Look for other insurers who might take you in if you want the coverage.

It's at the forefront of my mind as a friend has just been hospitalised following a brutal altercation in Zurich. Not that there was anything wrong with his care but if I could pay for more to be covered, I would.

As for changing insurers, I am tied to two providers via work and also only have a month left to sign up for the basic (they took their sweet time) before my 90 day window expires.

After sleeping on it, I've decided to simply write a letter explaining my current state of health. It is completely truthful - in the time span covered by the questionnaire, I have not needed treatment of any sort. Maybe I've just been too emotional about this all and joined up two similar but unrelated things in my mind out of surprise.
Good - don't lie, be honest and hope that they'll do what you think is best for your health, but try to not be too disappointed if they don't accept you, because it's their right.
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