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The ultimate Swiss neighbor

I just need to let out! If I keep it for myself I might end up burning this building down to ashes!

So, happy birthday Switzerland! 1. August is your day and people should celebrate, not my downstairs neighbor though. She tends to be weird but normally would keep her weirdo crap for herself and not bother anyone, until today.

At 06:45 as any other day my puppy started jumping and crying to go out. As any other day, I woke up, got dressed and went out with her looking like a heroin addict. 15 minutes later we are back, catch the lift and find a note on my door saying that I should be quieter. No name, no nothing.

I say alright I might have been too loud... whatever... it is the first time. At 09:45 while drinking my well deserved coffee and reading the news my doorbell rang, who could it possible be?, I asked to myself. The neighbor with the Police!! Before starting asking questions they told her to piss off and go home. I let them in and asked them what was this all about. Apparently the neighbor got so angry to be woken up at 06:45 that she called the police saying that I was hitting my GF (she went to Belgium for the weekend) and screaming. She went a step further saying that she saw me leaving this morning with my hands covered with blood.

The police just said that there is no evidence of what she told them, that it is obvious that she has a mental problem and that she will be fined for disrupting me, they also offered me the chance to press charges against her (which I won't do as she is mentally ill). So at 11 or so they left. Time for a second walk with my puppy, she comes out of her apartment and calls me. She invited me for coffee and her husband explained to me that she is bipolar with something else and that they are very very sorry. Outside another neighbor approaches and says that it is not the first time.

I'd much rather have one of those standard bastards that complaint about footsteps or leave dog poop in your mailbox.

Although in this very particular case the subject is Swiss I am aware it can happen with anyone anywhere.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.
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