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Re: Westminster Paedophile Ring

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<snip for length>
In that context, it may be inappropriate to think those helping PMs etc hide the facts are/were all monsters. Instead they may simply have followed contemporary Zeitgeist. And now, after the winds changed, reluctant to incriminate themselves.
I call bullshit!

Your use of the term Zeitgeist evokes a feeling that this deemed "OK" and acceptable. I don't think it was.

A much greater influence throughout the 60-70-80s was the role of "institutions". Government-backed organisations and business institutions held a huge amount "corporate" power and you just didn't go against the establishment. David was much too easily crushed and hushed up by Golliath until more modern telecoms and the internet put curbs on this power.

Back then you generally did what the men in suits told you - despite what everyone would like to think about the 1960s... After all if you wanted to "expose" someone, you had to rely on a news channel being open for you to get your message out (likely they also had their own skeletons so wouldn't want to rock the boat).

More likely you would be cast out yourself, lose your job and be branded as a "trouble-maker". After all, even now, whistle-blowers have a bad rep even though they are an essential part of society "checks".

I agree that while that doesn't make people who covered up monsters, it does make them complicit, whether willingly or not. The challenge is simply that back then the word of someone who was part of the "establishment" held much more sway than one who was not, which meant that victims simply were blamed, told it was their fault or not believed. Again, look at how we (still) treat rape victims: there's always a portion of society who to this day still say "what did you expect if you wear a dress like that...".
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