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Which part of Vaud? It is very difficult to get dog care over the Christmas holidays, Easter and July/August- so make sure you book MONTHS in advance. I amazed to see posts on EF asking for cat or dog care days before it is needed, during main holidays- and I always wonder, what if they don't get someone- what then? Will they cancel the holiday, or abandon the animal (1000s end up on the streets and in refuges, would you believe)- So well done, bravo, for enquiring a long time before needed. Hurrah.

Bet you can't wait to leave the weather back in Glasgow- I watch BBC news and they seem always battered with terrible weather and cold temps! Yuk.

If I were you, I'd go to the recommended kennel before you need it- just for a couple of days at at time- and then for a short week- before you go away for longer. A bit expensive, but a brilliant investment in the long run, and peace of mind. What sort of dog is he?

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