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Dear all,

(I hope you can understand my post correctly. My English is very poor)

I was looking for longtime a Datacenter. I need colocation therefore I can put my servers in Datacenter and I was able to work. (I have a small IT company)

I have found one and I have communicate them. they send me an agreement. But I wanted to get more information. Therefore I decided to make a small meeting with Datacenter's responsible person. We met in Datacenter and we agreed. One day later they send me a new agreement. Normally, I should sign and send them but they didn't send me SLA (Service Level Agreement). Without SLA I didn't want to sign contract. I didn't know exactly my rights and other things.

I requested from person SLA. He didn't answer my mail. 4 days later I wrote again and remind the person may email but this time again he didn't answer me either. I am calling the company and I am rying to reach him but he is always on the line and he don't answer me. I leaved many time message. I can clearly say that he ignore me.

I can work with another Datacenter company but the price is really very good for me. I would not find another Datacenter with this prices. It is far away impossible.

On the other hand the reaction of this company to me very annoying. I lost time and money.

I am asking to everyone what I can do or what I should do? I am very open for every ideas.

Thanks in advance.
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