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Re: Customer Laws in Switzerland

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Dear all,

(I hope you can understand my post correctly. My English is very poor)

I was looking for longtime a Datacenter. I need colocation therefore I can put my servers in Datacenter and I was able to work. (I have a small IT company)

I have found one and I have communicate them. they send me an agreement. But I wanted to get more information. Therefore I decided to make a small meeting with Datacenter's responsible person. We met in Datacenter and we agreed. One day later they send me a new agreement. Normally, I should sign and send them but they didn't send me SLA (Service Level Agreement). Without SLA I didn't want to sign contract. I didn't know exactly my rights and other things.

I requested from person SLA. He didn't answer my mail. 4 days later I wrote again and remind the person may email but this time again he didn't answer me either. I am calling the company and I am rying to reach him but he is always on the line and he don't answer me. I leaved many time message. I can clearly say that he ignore me.

I can work with another Datacenter company but the price is really very good for me. I would not find another Datacenter with this prices. It is far away impossible.

On the other hand the reaction of this company to me very annoying. I lost time and money.

I am asking to everyone what I can do or what I should do? I am very open for every ideas.

Thanks in advance.
I find it amusing/worrying how you are trying to develop a business and receive advice on how to build that business purely on advice from the EF forum community, who have less than zero emotional investment in what you are doing.

From the negligible amount of research you appear to have done on the topics you raise, and the money you are willing to spend to get meaningful advice on your legal and statutory rights, you aren't really serious in doing what it is you want to do and I fail to see how you will succeed without some serious drama.

I just hope you don't blame EF when things go completely wrong. Stop skimping and pay to get some meaningful service in a country that you must know is not a cheap place to build a business. Your relationship with this datacenter company is already starting on a very bad foot, they are blatantly ignoring you, and you want to push to make them your provider which will further increase tension for a business service that should give you total peace of mind? Does not compute.

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