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Re: Car accident

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Just to update this.... The fault of the accident was deemed 50/50 between me and the biker.

I had a 200chf fine (& huge charges!) and I've got to surrender my licence for one month. This is the minimum penalty I could have got 'for crossing the white line'.

Bit perturbed now as I'm leaving the country for good so I haven't enough time to complete the entire ban in Switzerland. I've tried to call / email to ask what to do, e.g will they just post the licence on to the uk if I start the ban here, but I'm yet to receive a decision (as it's August & everyone's on hols).

So my nail biting continues.... But there you go. Watch out for bikers in case they decide to make use of cycle lanes, be careful if you get waved in and always check carefully when you have to give way....

Thanks for support.
Thanks for the update - it is good to know how it ended.

As far as I know, motorbikes are absolutely not allowed to go into the cyclist lane unless:

a) They are turning right at an intersection _and_ the cyclist lane before the intersection is not a continuous line. In this case motorbikes are encouraged to hop into the cyclist lane to make sure cyclists can only be behind or in front of them.
b) A car is turning left and blocking the lane. In this case it can be overtaken from the right (by cars or motorbikes).

Motorbikes (perhaps some puny mopeds are an exception) are otherwise not allowed in the cyclist lane. Whether the local police tolerates this or not, if you are on a motorbike and you cause an accident in the cyclist lane outside of the above two scenarios, you will be bent over the barrel and shafted by the long hard **ck of the law (and insurance co's). The law treats category A motorbikes just like cars for most intents and purposes, so if a car is not allowed to do something, the chances are 99% the motorbike isn't allowed to do it either.

Lane splitting during queued up traffic on dual carriageways is a true grey area since the biker can claim that they were overtaking the cars in the right lane (which is allowed by the rules), but I think in case there is an accident, it is certainly not a done deal that the biker will be in the clear (e.g. one should not engage in overtaking in case this puts others in danger, etc...).
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