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2nd & 3rd Pillar account, Swiss taxes

Hello everyone,

I have a friend that has asked me a pretty good question in relation to departing from Zürich.

He intends to leave Zürich declaring that he will leave permanently Switzerland to South East Asia. His objective is to either find a new job or further study in an MBA program.

This would entail him having the possibility to liberate his 3rd pillar account with his bank and withdraw his pension into a special account in one of those "tax-heaven" canton and leave it there until his retirement, so as to pay as little taxes until he does so.

Now, he is also in a situation where he might have an answer from a job interview in Geneva. He is not sure when because they seem indecisive as to the job position to be created or not.

He is not willing to wait further. If in the case that he formalizes everything with his departure and he gets an answer only a few weeks later to go to Geneva. what will happen then? What would happen to his C Permit?

What requirements do they ask when he declares himself leaving for Asia, a country with no signed dual taxation agreements?

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