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Re: do it yourself bike repair shop in Zurich?

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thanks for the replies. i guess it is kind of far away from where I am.
Maybe does anyone who lives in Zurich have a chain-break they could lend me?
Veloplus has a great workshop, all tools available and very helpful staff.

But to go there by train with your broken bike will cost you CHF 10-15 for the bike plus your own ticket.

But If you only need one tool maybe the best is just to buy it. I've seen chain tools at the migros SportXX for CHF 12.-

I went twice to their shop and will go again this saturday to put the Ultegra 6500 set I took out of my bike to my other older bike that has a Shimano 600 group on it.

And I was wondering if it wasn't worth to buy the tools ( cassette tools is 10 each ( you need 2 ), crankset tools are also 12, plus the chain tool 12 more ) I'd have paid that price with what I spent on train tickets for the bike.

But it is really worth to go there if you need to do a bigger job as you have expert people and also they have a full stock of parts in case you need an spacer or something breaks, you can just go to the shop, get it and finish the job.
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