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Re: Geneva to Amsterdam - via France or Germany?

I've done trips between various places in the Netherlands and Pays de Gex or Valais many times now, both via France and via Germany and there are advantages and disadvantages to both routes.

France has a nice long area of relatively cheap peage (around 20 EUR), which is a nice road to drive on as it's rather quiet (between Dole and Nancy), just set the cruise control to 130 and go. The pass through the Jura mountains near the Pays de Gex is quite beautiful, but might not be nice to drive in the winter with snow. Luxembourg has cheap gas. But the roads outside the peage and the Belgian highway aren't that great.

The German route has the advantage of large swaths of highway with no speed limit. Going up to 160+ can save you quite some time, if you drive outside rush hours. The roadside facilities are a bit nicer in Germany than in France. But there are a lot of "baustellen" (construction works) that cause slowdowns or traffic jams. And the highways around large cities can be very crowded in rush hour.

For us, the decission is now primarily made based upon our destination in NL (or departure point). The more west that is, the more likely we are to choose the French route.
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