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Re: UK marriage registration in Bern

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I have been living in Switzerland for a number of years and recently went back home to get married. I will take my husbands surname and I am going to start the long and tedious process of changing my name everywhere.
I understand that to change my name at the Gemeinde, I need to have a new passport issued in my married name. Unfortunately I have flights booked in September and October under my maiden name, so kick starting that process will have to wait until the end of October.
Do you think it would be wise to go to the Gemeinde to register our marriage now? Or wait and register the marriage in November and process along with the name change?
As we'll have to do a joint tax return this year, I'm thinking it would be wiser to let the authorities know now.
Any advice or personal experiences you have are most welcome.
After more than 10 years here I changed my surname and removed a middle name in my home country and got a new passport thereafter (the other one was expired by about 3 years, so it made sense to do it). With the new passport I was able to change most things and eventually the C-permit (at first the Migrationsamt didn't do it, they lost the paperwork internally) through the Gemeinde, I now use the new name for everything in all countries.
Cost for name change in permit was around Fr.70.--.
Switzerland basically has to accept foreigners' name changes (once the foreigner can produce a valid identity document with the new name in), it is frowned upon, especially like in my case when forenames are involved or no marriage is being registered. But in your case, through marriage, there really shouldn't be any difficulty. I would simply start changing it where accepted without further proof (since you don't have it yet) and leave the rest until the end of October. The Gemeinde/Migrationsamt will act when you produce a new/updated passport, then they will change it in your permit for a standard update-of-permit fee. Thereafter you can change it with everything here where proof is required.

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