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Can I open a bank account from abroad?

Recently I head a story about a relative's friend who's on government's support plan due to being rather poor. She was asked to help a relative and send some money to another relative as he was sick, but she found out that you cannot send money in a mail, so she decided to use banking instead. She added money to her bank account and transferred it to her relative instead. A month later, when she had to see the government support institution, they started asking her about the money and told her that she cannot get the support anymore because she apparently has money from somewhere (even though she doesn't, in reality).

So the moral here is - I was exposed to the idea that government and pretty much anybody can see what you're doing with your funds just by clicking a button on their screen. I do not feel safe using my credit cards and banks anymore, and not because I do something illegal or even close to that, but because I do not feel safe being tracked like that.

That said, I'd like to be able to feel safe and use my credit card without having to worry that someone can find out what I bought, where I bought it, what ATM I used, in which country, etc. just by a simple click of a mouse. And Swiss banks seem to be good with privacy.

So, my questions is - can I open a Swiss bank account if I'm a resident of European Union, but not of Switzerland, and if I don't even live in Switzerland, and possibly even skipping on visiting it in the first place (tickets are quite costly)? And if I can, perhaps you can point me to the right direction?

I would probably go through a couple hundred euros a month in/out in my account and I can't afford to pay a lot for service fees (right now I pay a couple Euros a month), and I would mostly be using it for online purchases and such, if that matters.
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