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Re: Can I open a bank account from abroad?

Even if you show up and are not resident here it is very hard unless you have millions.

Swiss banks have to do due dillegence on origin of any money and they are not really ready to do so unless it's a 7 figure sum with a very convincing story.

So, the answer is basically no.

As a foreigner, residing abroad in a different jurisdictions the privacy rules are not quitre the same............
That contradicts what the PDF says though - how come the info is contradicting, which is correct?

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Probably. I don't think many banks will allow you to open an account without doing so in person these days.

What makes you think you can't be tracked from a Swiss bank anyway? Use of ATM's, credit cards, etc, will still be trackable.

Also bear in mind that you'd need either a Swiss Franc account which could mean losses on currency exchange with the Euro or you'd need a Euro account which could incur higher charges than those listed on the PDF Mullhollander posted.

For the amount you're talking about I doubt it's worth the effort of setting the account up, assuming you'd even be able to.
Well, if it's absolutely necessary, I could show up, I'd just prefer to not spend 200eu or so on tickets.

As for being tracked from a Swiss bank, I may actually be wrong, so do correct me if I am. I'm going to clarify for that reason: what I meant by not being tracked is that, while everything would still be logged in the bank history, nobody would be able to pretty much click a button and see what's on the bank statement. So even if I use ATMs and that's in the bank log for my account - it's just for me to see. When using my credit card, of course the other party will be able to see that I did so, but nobody goes through Ebay or Amazon logs in that way. By the way, by credit cards I mean debit cards that you can use to make purchases online.

In short, my concern is that I feel unsafe, which means I feel bad mentally about doing anything with my credit card or bank account. Since then, I'm only using cash because I just simply do not feel safe - all someone needs to do is click a button and they can see my bank history. So I just want to feel at peace and not feel like someone can access very personal data so easily.
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