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Re: Can I open a bank account from abroad?

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Debit cards are not so widely used online and Swiss ones are even less likely to be accepted outside of the country.

I think you're being a bit paranoid over a story you've read - which doesn't make that much sense really. It's easy enough to do money transfers using a company like Western Union and you never explained where she got the money she sent in the first place. If she got it from another relative, why didn't they send the money directly from their own account rather than asking her?

But if you're that worried keep paying everything with cash and don't buy online, simple.
Mainly there's MasterCard and Visa debit cards, which you can use pretty much everywhere online and offline. I'm yet to encounter a single issue with that. But perhaps they are not called debit cards technically? I'm not sure. I always call them credit cards, but credit cards means 'loaning' money, which is not how my debit card works. Anyway, I hope I cleared that up.

It's not a story I read, it's a story I heard from a guy who I actually do trust (I don't trust many people). And people in my country aren't so... Educated, let's call it. So they don't really know about such things as Western Union and all that, the woman thought she can just send it in a letter. As to where she got the money - as far as I know, there was some kinda celebration and they met, I don't know why she was given the money. Maybe they live far away from the city and weren't going to visit it, maybe she offered to help, I don't know, and to be honest - I don't care. What I do care about is the bottom line, that anyone can snoop on your bank statement by simply clicking a button.

And I'm not worried, I simply do not feel safe. It's a feeling that you are not causing by worrying, it's a feeling that just is there. I also can't pay for everything in cash - most things that I want to buy (and going to soon) are only obtainable online. For example - certain hardware.
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