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Re: Kicking out refined sugar from your diet

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Going by the replies and the "tone" on this forum in general I'm obviously risking - but we are all victims of life and what we choose to believe...although the blood will tell a different story...

Sugar is an acid waste product of metabolism and/or fermentation. In other words it is a waste product much like the exhaust of a car or smoke from a chimney. Sugar is the evidence of cellular degeneration. Sugar is what happens when any fruit, like a banana gets sweeter and sweeter as it is rotting or aging. When sugar goes up in a diabetic that is the sure sign that cells are breaking down. When sugars increase in a breast or prostate that is a sure sign of a pending cancerous condition. Any sugar no matter how little is unhealthy to the blood, tissues and organs although impossible to avoid since sugar is the major waste product or metabolism. Just as exhaust is the evidence that a car is running so sugar is the evidence that the body is alive and functioning. In a perfect body with perfect elimination blood sugars would be normally low or less than 40mg/dl not the abnormal levels pronounced by current medical savants of 80mg/dl.

Oh yes - meat and milk are just another acid to avoid...but I'm only learning myself...nobody ever told me...I was brought up on a terrible amount of acid and that was normal I thought Now I know that aging is a rotting process caused by acid - we can't avoid but we can learn or carry on as if...
You are definitively 100 % wrong, for your information. Alcohols are the principle product of sugar fermentation. Simple sugars, like glucose, fructose, and maltose, are simple molecules and if they oxidize they are structurally broken, they can't be degenerated like proteins can.

Fruit is full of sugar because we bred it to be like that. Ever eaten a crab apple? Humans evolved to have a sweet tooth, and convert fructose to fat, probably because it helped us survive winter months when fruit wasn't ripe from the vine/tree.

I'm first in line to defend the demonization of saturated fat, which is the preferred substrate for the mitochondria in your cells and the only fuel your heart can burn. But the contrarian view that all sugars are evil is just as silly, because like your heart needs saturated fat, the brain needs glucose. The liver is the unacknowledged hero in-between them that makes sure each gets what it needs from the junk that we stuff into our mouths.
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