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Re: Overstaying 6 months on Permit B (Third country nationals)

I'm afraid it won't be easy- but due to the need to support your daughter, you may be able to work something out. However, as you don't have a job, how will you be able to support anyone? (apart from emotionally, which is very important too) - and not become a 'burden' for the State? Or do you have a guaranteed job to get back to? Since you left, jobs have become scarcer and more difficut to get, sadly.

Not easy- as I was discussin with a friend last week- this time of being sandwiched beteen trying to support and raise teenager/s and at the same time care for elderly parents abroad. Been there, and it was incredibly wearing- but fortunately I was not the main bread winner- and could afford to give up seniority and then my basic job, to cope. So I truly feel for you.

You say you didn't deregister- but this would have been done automatically after 6 months if the authorities got an inkling you had left. Did you continue to pay for Health Insurance and taxes during that time, and financially support your child? If not- it would have been clear you had left. E-mailing is really NOT the way to deal with such major issues- you have to go and talk to the authorities in person asap. How is your French? Bonne chance.

PS- have you ever been on chômage or social help here in CH? And do you have proof of being financially secure?

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