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I prefer to roast them with a bit of olive oil, but if your client is British I suggest you boil them for at least 30 minutes.

But if I understand correctly, you wish to cook them to reduce the intestinal side effect? What a novel idea. Why would you want to do that?
Not British and in regards to reducing the intestinal side effects, that is only a bonus as a carer. It really is about the ponging up the whole appartment (open plan living) that I'm more interested in, gathering other ideas to make it a pleasant meal for all ;-)

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Irish sprout soup
Recipe please :-)

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I made them tonight actually with breaded chicken cutlets and a beurre blanc sauce with capers and mustard.

I just put them in a roasting pan with an equal amount of tiny potatoes, sprinkled generously with olive oil, salt, pepper and red chili flakes. Roasted them, stirring once, at 210 degrees for about 25 minutes. The outer leaves turn brown and crunchy but the inside is still green and soft.

I left the kitchen fan on while frying the cutlets and I think it helped with the smell. I would take a picture, but my phone is dead.
Yup, the kitchen fan will be on full bore.

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don't forget the smell after the can only solve one problem......
Put your mind to it and I'm sure you can help me out :-D

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Pressure cooker? Reduces cooking time and the smell is mostly contained at least until you open the lid.
I have this option too, how long to cook them? I can go out on to the balcony if neccessary

Apologies for not multi quoting, [now fixed by a merge-happy mod] yes'r all going so quickly with your replies, wasn't prepared for that, but am most appreciative.

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