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Re: Working in Mcdonalds

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I was wondering how is it when you work here in Mcdonalds 100%. How much hours do you work per day and how much do they pay.
Beware. Pay and conditions are poor. Mobbing is rife.
The disgusting smell (which follows you home) from working there is impossible to get rid of even after long showers, open windows and use of air fresheners. All in all a depressing and very unhealthy lifestyle choice.
I had a student who worked there. I had to switch the lessons to my flat instead of theirs as I could not bear the smell in their flat.

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Meh, the odd Big Mac now and again isn't going to do you any harm.
It could make you sick or give you an upset tummy though! Not very nice. There are plenty of healthier options to choose from without going into the establishments that serve some of the most disgusting food in the world!

'Now and again' could lead to a dangerous addiction.
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