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Thank you Mullhollander,
Do you think there is space in this market for a competitor or do you think it is difficult enter this market.
Some thoughts:
1) There are many types of electronics and, as a result, there are likely many markets and not just one.
2) Depending on what you plan to sell, there may or may not be room in that particular market for another competitor.
3) The point I was trying to illustrate is that when the CHF increased in value by about 20% against the Euro in January 2015, due to the SNB removing the peg, the importers did not necessarily reduce their CHF prices by 20%. Rather, they kept (most of) the increased margin for themselves, making retail prices even that much higher than surrounding countries.
4) This has also created grey-market opportunities for independent Swiss importers but there can be issues regarding the electrical plug (Germany has different plug than Switzerland), warranty, etc.
- Many, many Swiss have private post boxes in Germany to pick up goods they order from German companies online. This may have as much to do with lack of availability of something in Switzerland as with possibly lower German prices. There is a greater variety of products in Germany, a country with 10 times the population.
5) As I understand it, company-owned distributors in Germany will often cut off supplies to their German customers when they discover that the products are going to Switzerland.
6) In August, when it was hot, any shop with fans, airconditioners in stock could have made good money and possibly sold everything in stock. There are occasionally these kinds of tactical opportunities, but nothing that someone should count on.
7) Switzerland is a "comfort" market and less DIY than many other W. European countries. If installation is required for a product, Swiss often don't want to do it themselves and are willing to pay for it. Also, since Switzerland is a country of renters, 60% rent, the renter simply has the landlord/ property management company handle the purchase and installation. There can be opportunities for companies selling and installing products, imho.
8) To study the various electronic markets, suggest you look at Ricardo Shops:
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