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Re: Driving license suspension

Standard procedure consists of two parts. One is the legal aspect, i.e. you get fined (or sentenced to do prison time, perhaps conditionally) for breaking some part of the law. The other one is administrative, which is essentially the license suspension.

However, you don't need to have broken any law to be unfit to drive. That's why for instance the elderly have to take a periodic medical check by a doctor of their choice.

What may have been enacted here may be a "vorsorglicher Entzug" (preventive suspension) as part of a process called "Sicherungsentzug" (license withdrawal for safety/security reasons). In such a case you'd need to pass certain physical and/or psychological checks and tests (costs to be paid by OP). Until all test have been passed the "vorsorglicher Entzug" will be in place. Kanton Zürich police site (german only) says the license must(!) be suspended if the driver is unfit to drive, reasons can be health, addiction, physical inability, drug abuse, problematic character(!). Presumably the latter includes aggressive behavior on the road.

This is a preventive measure. There may be no recourse other than successfully passing the checks. If you're found fit to drive standard procedures will start/resume, inluding fines and license withdrawal if any (withdrawal times under preventive measure seem to be taken into account).

Now, OP says he (yes, quite probably a male) touched the scooter, which implies action came mostly from him. This is quite unusual as the car was waiting in line and shouldn't do anything but either be stationary or move straight ahead. Maybe it is suspected that he intentionally hit the scooter effectively using his car as a weapon.

But even in such a case there would probably have to be a history of problematic incidents of some kind that make it a non-single incident.

There may be quite a bit more to this story.


From the Zürcher Polizei website:
"Der Sicherungsentzug ist ein Ausweisentzug auf unbestimmte Dauer und erfolgt aus Gründen der Verkehrssicherheit wegen eines Fahreignungsmangels (Krankheit/Gebrechlichkeit, Sucht, Charakterdefizit). Besteht bei einer Person der Verdacht auf eine verkehrsrelevante Fahrunfähigkeit (Alkohol-, Betäubungsmittel-, Arzneimittel-, Gesundheits- oder Charakterproblematik), so muss der Führerausweis bis zur Abklärung von allfälligen Ausschlussgründen vorsorglicherweise auf unbestimmte Zeit entzogen werden (sog. vorsorglicher Entzug)."

There were no witnesses at that time.
But of course there was, or what would you call the driver behind you who called the police? Even had he left the scene the police still had at least his phone number.

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