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Re: Driving license suspension

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However, you don't need to have broken any law to be unfit to drive. That's why for instance the elderly have to take a periodic medical check by a doctor of their choice.

What may have been enacted here may be a "vorsorglicher Entzug" (preventive suspension) as part of a process called "Sicherungsentzug" (license withdrawal for safety/security reasons). In such a case you'd need to pass certain physical and/or psychological checks and tests (costs to be paid by OP). Until all test have been passed the "vorsorglicher Entzug" will be in place. Kanton Zürich police site (german only) says the license must(!) be suspended if the driver is unfit to drive, reasons can be health, addiction, physical inability, drug abuse, problematic character(!). Presumably the latter includes aggressive behavior on the road.
From what I understand, it depends on the doctor. One of my colleagues at school had his licence temporarily suspended when he broke his leg.... which was a real pain because he couldn't drive and getting to the strassverk-place was an added pain precisely since he couldn't drive. It seemed like overkill when he told me, his leg was in a cast, there was no physical way for him to drive, what was the point of suspending it while he was unable to operate the car at all even if he tried?
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