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Re: [NSFW] Male buying contraceptive pills after having uprotected ^^ for his woman

Vribium, I think you're being a little absurd. If you used a condom, it didn't break or come off, or have a hole in it (you used your own condom and unwrapped it yourself, yes? if you really suspect your partner so much) AND you didn't ejaculate anyway, the chances of you fathering a child from this single encounter are something like one in a million.

If those odds still terrify you, then sex - at least P-in-V sex - is not something you should be doing right now. There are other ways to have fun.

Simply because unless your partner is postmenopausal (and you would know this how?) there is always this tiny level of risk. Suppose you have sex with a partner who says she is on the pill: she could be lying to you, or she could simply forget (even accidentally) to take her pill that day, or any of the next several days, and if that happens she could still get pregnant with pretty much the same odds as the woman in your current scenario.

And it may be just me but I think having sex with someone you distrust that profoundly - someone you suspect would like nothing better than to ruin your life - is an awfully depressing proposition anyway, for both parties.

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i don't think men can buy them. you can get them at any pharmacy. i think they make the woman take it in the pharmacy, probably for some kind of safety reason.
Yes, after a short chat with the pharmacist - alone.

The idea is to avoid precisely these situations, where women would prefer not to take the pill but feel pressured (by a lover, parent, anyone else) into doing so.

Incidentally it's not 100% effective, and the side effects can be quite unpleasant. Even if she has no sinister schemes at all, I wouldn't at all blame vribium's lady friend for declining to take it.
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