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Re: without permit, can I keep my apartment for few more month?

- they can ask the Post Office too- and of course not unusual for immigration to post under-cover agents to assess a situation.
I doubt the post office will dish out information willy-nilly. There would have to be an official legal request. Moreover receiving mail at one particular address still doesn't prove that that person is living permanently or even temporarily at that address! I receive mail for example in Germany and in the U.K. but it doesn't mean to say I reside there or have ever resided there!
As for undercover agents: for what reason? In order to combat illegal immigration or foreigners overstaying after their permit has expired? I doubt there will be much in the way of money being allotted for such activities, for it's a lost battle with open borders I fear! Given the high number of illegal immigrants in Switzerland already, someone overstaying by a couple of months isn't even the tip of the iceberg!
I do wonder about the 90 days as a tourist- can you really tag this on at the end of a permit, really?
Not sure. But I don't really see that it is going to bother anyone at all even if someone did find out! It's hardly a threat to national security!

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