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Re: without permit, can I keep my apartment for few more month?

The person will have to de-register or will be de-registered automatically- what about Health Insurance and tax?
If the individual deregisters, then he/she is no longer a resident of Switzerland and thus is no longer liable to pay Swiss health insurance of any kind, nor is he/she required to pay tax (from that moment on). Of course it is still possible that several bills may arrive well after deregistering, especially if they have a Krankenkasse or treatment centres that is/are particularly slow in invoicing, and a tax bill might come even a year or more later! (I am not immune to Swiss law; not quite sure what you mean there.)

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Wrong, it is in the owners interest for the person living in a rented apartment to register. I was a month late in registering when I arrived here and I was fined because the owner had already told the kreisburo I was living there and given them the contract.

Also the owner can be fined 10,000 CHF if an illegal immigrant is living in his/her property, and that is for starters.
It may be in the owners interest (I never said it wasn't), but the owner is not immigration.

The fact remains that you can rent an apartment in Switzerland without needing to produce any residence permit at all. I know this as I did it myself upon arrival, I also stayed over a year in the apartment before registering and nobody ever queried anything, least of all the owner. After all, I had paid a deposit guarantee, what more do they need?!

In border cantons in fact it is highly typical that non-residents rent small flats in Switzerland, as they may work here. But even if they don't, it still has nothing to do with the owner! It is between the tenant and immigration.

Signing a rental contract does not mean you are living in the flat, it doesn't mean you have moved in. If you personally received a fine because you had moved in and admitted to the authorities that you were registering late, then that is entirely your own fault and is a totally different matter to the one being discussed.
If though someone receives a fine for registering late because an owner has notified the authorities of their arrival, yet in reality they haven't even moved in (yet), then the fine could easily be contested and annulled insofar as that person is not registering late, they are simply registering upon their actual physical arrival (i.e. with their belongings etc.).

I didn't know about the Fr.10'000.-- fine for property owners who let out their flats to illegal immigrants. Do you have a source for the regulation in question? Can you cite cases where this has actually occurred please?
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