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Re: Taxation on French Investment Property

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I have 3 investment properties in France you can buy 1 of them. Property and taxation is a total PITA, insurances and cost can be insane. Rules change at the drop of hat, taxes appear randomly, and the fees are nut crunchingly expensive.

Now it's not dirt cheap, the market is as flat as a pancake and many instances of neg equity especially in rural France. Ok if your a buyer now, but when you get fed up of the costs and hassle and want to sell.... Forget it.

I've made many investments in the past, a lot in property, and buying in France was easily the worst ( ain't hindsight grand) and unless you intend to ultimately live in it look for another destination. I'd never buy in France again.... No matter how cheap.
Are you issues mainly due to the locations that you are buying in?

I have a work colleague who has amassed several over a number of years and to date has had no major issues ... rent gets paid ... tenants have never been a problem to replace.

He himself lives in France and works in Switzerland, so is it due to the complexities of me working in Switzerland that generates the problems you have encountered?

What sort of tax am I going to encounter? ... should I budget for 20%
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