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Re: Donald Trump and Co

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Lol. I love it when people make this ridiculous argument. Its such a stupid conclusion.

Let say there is a terror cell in the UK consisting of 5 men.

There are three million (approx.) Muslims in the UK, more if you count kids.

5/3000000 = 0.000 0017%.

Now, how many of the 3 million do you believe are exposed to the 5 bad ones and know them particularly well? well, lets say these particular terrorists are popular guys, so 20.

20/2,999,995 = 0.000 06 % of muslims exposed to a terror cell.

Now, factor in the fact that the 5 bad ones will do everything they can to hide their intentions. they don't tell anyone they will kill people, nor do they broadcast it to the Muslim community. The chance of actually discovering genuine terrorists is proportional to their presence in the wider community. ie, 0.000 000 17%.

So, out of 3,000,000, you want 0.000 06% to help you find 0.000 0017%, with a 0.000 0017% chance of being successful?

If we assume they are able to hide their intentions from half of these 20 (which in turn, makes them very bad at their purpose, but lets assume they are popular but incompetent), that means there is at most, 10 people, in 2,999,995. Or, 0.000 003%.

So, these 0.000 003% are supposed to help find 0.000 0017%, with a 0.000 0017% success possibility?

If the british government, with thousands of analysts, can read every text message, scrutinise every mb of data, piggy-back every CCTV camera, listen in to every phone call, and observe thousands simultaneously, and they still cant find them, what chance does Amjad from the corner shop have?

Do you think muslims have a secret address book with the name and address of every terrorist in it, and theyre just stubbornly refusing to hand it over?

Do you think that all it takes is for an imam to stand up and say 'right lads, you've had your fun, but that's enough now, put down the pipe bomb and behave yourself', and overnight the problems will disappear?

I hear lots of this bullshit about 'oh, well they don't do anything about it'...what exactly do you want them to do about it? Find people that work incredibly hard not to be found, who look, act, and behave exactly the same as everyone else?

Or do you just want someone to blame, because you know they aren't in a position to defend themselves?

I think there are a number of issues that call into question whether or not Muslims are doing enough to combat Islamic extremism, at least here in the UK. I can't comment on the situation in the US or Switzerland as I have no experience living in those countries.

1) Many Muslims in the UK choose to segregate themselves by living in closed communities where they have little to no interaction with the locals. This begs the question, why come to the UK (or any Western nation for that matter) if you have no desire to integrate or mix with the locals?

2) The desire to import their own judicial system (Sharia courts). One of the cornerstones of any successful nation is one rule of law for all. Here in the UK we have allowed Sharia courts to spring up to deal with civil matters.

3) Surveys that show that while most Muslims oppose killing others, many (a 3rd in the UK) sympathise with the Charlie Hebdo killings and the motives behind the attack.

4) The serial child grooming/gang-rape cases that have happened, and still are happening, up and down the UK (see Rotherham where 1,400 girls were systematically abused) with local government and police officers too afraid to do anything about it for fear of upsetting the PC apple cart.

The Muslim community needs to do what the Catholic community in Northern Ireland did with the IRA which is to come out and aggressively denounce ISIS and start to work with British authorities instead of posting @notinmyname posts on twitter and going back to their closed-off communities.
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