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Re: Donald Trump and Co

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I think there are a number of issues that call into question whether or not Muslims are doing enough to combat Islamic extremism, at least here in the UK. I can't comment on the situation in the US or Switzerland as I have no experience living in those countries.

1) Many Muslims in the UK choose to segregate themselves by living in closed communities where they have little to no interaction with the locals. This begs the question, why come to the UK (or any Western nation for that matter) if you have no desire to integrate or mix with the locals?
Because they're looking to better their lives for instance by fleeing to safety. Pure pragmatism.

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2) The desire to import their own judicial system (Sharia courts). One of the cornerstones of any successful nation is one rule of law for all. Here in the UK we have allowed Sharia courts to spring up to deal with civil matters.
It's international practice that the law the marriage was closed under is also the law guiding the divorce (exceptions apply of course, often the couple can pick applicable law; nonetheless the default stands). For instance german courts routinely rule on divorce under islamic law.
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3) Surveys that show that while most Muslims oppose killing others, many (a 3rd in the UK) sympathise with the Charlie Hebdo killings and the motives behind the attack.
So what.

AFAIK there's no death penalty in the UK yet many of those respondents would probably say death penalty is Ok, as presumably does a large portion of the "normal" UK population.

Being against any given law is not equal to breaking it. Otherwise about half the voting population in Switzerland would routinely be breaking the laws they're voting to have changed.
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4) The serial child grooming/gang-rape cases that have happened, and still are happening, up and down the UK (see Rotherham where 1,400 girls were systematically abused) with local government and police officers too afraid to do anything about it for fear of upsetting the PC apple cart.
Irrelevant to this hijacked thread.
Unless of course you want to imply that islamists have infiltrated UK political and judicial system 20 or more years ago. Do you?

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The Muslim community needs to do what the Catholic community in Northern Ireland did with the IRA which is to come out and aggressively denounce ISIS and start to work with British authorities instead of posting @notinmyname posts on twitter and going back to their closed-off communities.
See #111 above
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