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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

If a book is considered divine, is in the eyes of its reader.
Even if I consider it devine not only of its message and spirit, but also litterally word by word, I must admit that it's given and written in the language of human beings, under the will to be understood by the people.

And also if G-d doesn't maybe change, the people do.
So how come a normal person shouldn't think about what he is reading, also by feeling that the written word is of G-d?

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With Islam it's a matter of faith. There is no proof that their Book is divine, as there are some major mistakes in it.

1. The Koran says that the Torah (Old Testament) is from G-d and acknowledges that the Jews are the Chosen People. That G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jews. They Claim that after christianity G-d gave the prophecy over to Mohammed. This is a major mistake because it says clearly in the Old Testament that after the destruction of the second Temple G-d tood away the prophecy from the world. Second mistake: how could Mohammed be a Prophet when he didn't even know how to read or write ?

2. Sura 40 Verse 36-37 The Koran mentions Pharao speaking to Haman. This could never have happened as Pharao (Egypt) lived 900 years before Haman.(Persia)
Why shouldn't G-d be willing and able to make an analphabet his Prophet and to make the pharao speaking to Haman, if Moses wasn't really able to understand a thing sitting in Rabbi Akiva's class, not even realizing that he had already understood?
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