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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Well you all know the Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same "Ibrahamic" God.

Each of these religions have their own holy book which are in each case described in some way as the "word of this "Ibrahimic" God". These books have some similarities but more differences.

So did God change his "Word" for each religion with the objective of confusing everyone and starting conflicts?

Or is it all a fantasy?

Can't be a fantasy. There has to be a Divine Book given by G-d which is without any mistake whatsoever, otherwise who would believe what's written in it ? The question is which one is divine ?

First let me say this, look at the brilliance of the creation. With its galaxies, two million species animals. The human brain with its trillions of connections,all in the size of an apple. Multiply by seven billion people, going back generations. You cannot claim that a watch was created by itself, obviously it was created by someone, as the chair was created by a carpenter. Now every creation has a purpose, it can't that it was created for no reason. So what is the purpose of the creation ?

Islam - I wrote about it in an earlier post. Cannot be divine, as it has major mistakes.
Christianity - created 2000 years ago. 70 years (some say 300 years) after the death of Jesus. also cannot be divine, it has many mistakes.
1. The New Testament mentions the burial place of Abraham in Schem (Nablus) whereas the Old Testament says it is in the City of Chevron.
It is still today. There are more mistakes which I can add on if you're interested.

Both Islam and Christianity acknowledge that G-d gave the divine Old Testament to the Jews. They then claim that because the Jews betrayed G-d they received a new Version the Koran and the New Testament.

All the answers to your question can only be found in the divine Book which was given 3300 years ago on Mount Sinai in front of millions of Hebrews.

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