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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

I am late to the conversation, but i will do my part: the overwhelming majority of muslims feel their faith is being hijacked by ISIS/alqaida and do not support their actions.

Also remember that there are nuances and things are never exactly like the media shows. It has been already mentioned that the followers of ISIS and the paris attackers are not religious muslims but are criminals, drug addicts, cast away types. ISIS is mainly a sunni Arab nationalist organization using radical religion to spearhead their operations to clear away a "Sunnistan" in Iraq and Syria. The shadow commanders of ISIS are Saddam's former generals, secular Baath types, but the spearhead in their operations are former Al Qaida fighters. These alqaida guys are religious in appearance, but their interpretation of Islam is rejected by the mainstream Sunni orthodoxy, and has always been like that. Recent PEW polls show that, in average, only 5-7% of sunni muslims worldwide support the views of ISIS. This is a very small minority, I am sure more than 5% support the views of KKK in the USA, for example.

Many of the ISIS supporters are young people from war torn countries who have been bombed to stone age by western or western backed militaries, young people who have seen loved ones die in front of them (think about the 1 million dead during the two Iraq wars and Assad's barrel bombs). They are living through constant PTSD, have seen a lot of bloodshed during childhood.

Yes, it is muslims who should deal with this problem. However, the best thing West (USA/EU) and East (China/Russia) can do to help it is to stop supporting puppet governments and dictators in the ME, whose brutality led to radicalization of many young people. Perfect example is Syria and Iraq. They should stop looking at ME as only a source of hydrocarbon and remember that there are humans beings living there.

Thats my two cents.
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