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Re: Train etiquette

Perhaps she realised you wouldn't understand her anyway but hoped you would get the message without her repeating it all. Although I understand what you mean, I have also travelled with youngsters, specially choosing a train with this play area and I wasn't overjoyed to find the seating filled with non-child owners. I know that in your case there was still room there, but once folk get used to the idea that it doesn't really matter, the problem will re-occur. The same applies of course to folk sitting in the seat for the disabled and not getting up immediately when someone who needs the seat gets in. Or folk who put their luggage, prams etc. in the place which is meant for bikes. The cyclist pays for a ticket for the bike and gets sworn at the whole journey for having his bike blocking the aisle.

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On some trains there are two hooks per carriage to hang up bikes. You can see if they are empty as the train comes into the station. Don't kid yourself that this means that you can actually hang your bikes on them though. AFTER you have manoevered the bikes into the carriage through the narrow doorway and up the steep steps, you may find that the actually spot below the empty hooks is blocked by prams, luggage or people. And as you can no longer get out again and find hooks in another carriage without running a high risk of the train going off without you, you are stuck diagonally in the middle of nowhere and EVERYONE trying to get in or out afterwards will moan about you until you reach your destination and wiggle your way out backwards. (The complaints are justifiable enough, in that there really isn't room for bikes to stand there) It doesn't seem to occur to anyone that you are actually in the right and the folk blocking your 'bike' spot are the ones who are in the wrong.
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